6000-Year-Old Health Secrets

6000-Year-Old Health Secrets” to Crowdfund Filmmaking Endeavor Documentary promises to reveal hidden truths, life-altering wisdom, and universal secrets – all “sourced from the highest level of the knowledge pyramid.”

NEW YORK, NY – Independent filmmakers Morgan Freeman and Mike Freedman have produced a number of documentaries, the popularity of which have earned their team at Secret Key Activator Productions thousands of YouTube followers. Their videos include a variety of occult, hermetic, and lost knowledge topics, exploring everything in the realm of health and spirituality.

The production team is now looking to take his documentaries to the next level with two full-length feature films. Bearing the titles of 6000-Year-Old Health Secrets (Parts I & II), these films will delve even deeper
into the production team's focal subjects. Per the trailer now available on the team's YouTube channel, the
proposed documentary will cover dozens of subjects, including reincarnation, gaining entrance to heaven
while still alive, meditation, opening the chakras, alternative medicine, dieting and fasting, and the decoding of secrets contained in Biblical allegory. The array of topics to be addressed is too diverse to be addressed in the scope of this media release.

Freeman intends to fund the ambitious project through an IndieGoGo campaign set to launch near the end of October. A preview of this campaign can be found here: 6000-Year-Old Health Secrets IndieGoGo Preview. For more information about the upcoming IndieGoGo campaign and a complete list of the film's proposed topics, please visit http://6000yearoldhealthsecrets.com/.

About Morgan
Morgan has been driven through life by curiosity. n 2012 the stars aligned that directed him in the right direction and aligned him with similar people in similar situations. The answer to a lot of of puzzles were slowly coming together, and in 2012 Freeman & Freedman began creating many powerful and enlightening documentaries.

About Secret Key Activator Productions
Our company is passionate about creating a film and videos for humanity. This film is meant to bring awareness and hope to people. Films and videos provide a sense of understanding that not many other media outlets can do. Our goal is to stay dedicated to our mission of perseverance and courage because we know our society will benefit greatly! We have developed a unique method, script, interviews, and professionals in the alternative industries that are second to none.

Contact Information
Mike Freedman 
EMAIL - holographic-disclosure@hotmail.co.uk  
WEBSITE - http://6000yearoldhealthsecrets.com/