Zenytime - Breathe to Manage your stress!

Breathe to Manage your stress with Zenytime!

We are all stressed and shallow breathers. Stress is the new fat, but you can do something about it.
Scientific studies have shown that controlling your breathing can help to manage stress and stress-related conditions. It’s one of the best things you can do for your health and well-being.

Many people use their breathing to help promote relaxation and reduce stress. The types of conditions that controlled breathing help include:
:: Anxiety
:: Asthma
:: Chronic fatigue syndrome
:: Chronic pain
:: High blood pressure
:: Insomnia
:: Panic attacks
:: Some skin conditions, such as eczema
:: Stress

Practice deep breathing to de-stress is as essential as any routine for good health and is often forgotten or overlooked during our busy days. Few minutes several times per day should already yield some results but you have to be consistent at it.

Zenytime is one unique fun product. With Zenytime you practice conscious breathing anywhere, anytime, get coached, and learn about how you breathe with your phone!!

Zenytime helps let go of tension, uplift your mood and manage stress by playing mobile games on your phone with your breath only.

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