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Health Screens
Why do people choose to have a Health Screen and what does it involve? Health screening is a great way to find out what is going on with your body before you start to experience any symptoms. Finding out that you have raised cholesterol for example will not only allow you to find out what the associated risks are but also potentially enable you to take some preventative measures. Whether it is simply making some changes to your lifestyle or taking medication you may be able to reduce some of the risk factors which are associated with certain illnesses.

There are a variety of different health screens and assessments available to choose from all of which have been designed to identify a varying range of illnesses and conditions. Some of the most popular packages are listed below;

Essential Blood Screen 
A simple finger prick blood sample can be used to run 40 different individual tests. Not only can it be used to measure and evaluate the body’s major organ functions but it can also be used to look at red and white blood cell levels, blood sugars and minerals and cholesterol levels to assess the probability of heart disease in the future

Well Man Check 
In addition to receiving the Essential Blood Screen men will also receive a Prostate Screen. This is one of the most important Health Screen tests any men should have

Well Man Check Plus
The Well Man Check Plus incorporates all the standard features of the Well Man Check however the Well Man Check Plus package also includes additional tests focussing on areas such as Rheumatoid Arthritis and what your cardiovascular risk is

Well Woman Check
In addition to the Essential Blood Screen this package includes a screening for Osteoporosis. Having weaker bones will make you vulnerable to fractures in the future

Well Woman Check Plus
This particular health screening is designed for woman aged 40 and over or those that are post-menopausal. Whilst it includes all the features included in the standard Well Woman Check like the Well Man Check Plus package it also assesses what your cardiovascular risk is and focuses on conditions including Rheumatoid Arthritis

If you interested in having a Health Screen then simply go online where you will find a number of different providers. You can order either online or via the telephone. Your chosen provider will then arrange for your blood samples to be taken somewhere which is local to you. Should your test involve non blood samples a kit will be sent to you in the post. Your samples will then simply need to be returned to the laboratory for testing. Depending on which method you have selected you will then receive your results via post or online via a secure server.

Even if the Health Screen shows that everything is normal it will still have been of great benefit as it will have provided you with results that show you what your “normal” levels in each of the tested areas are.
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