Korea Electronics Show 2011

The Korea Electronics Show 2011: 
Simply an Amazing WOW Event

Korea Electronics Show (KES) 2011Korean electronics started with basic products like vacuum tube radio. Now it is in the top 4 ranking of the world electronics production. Korea held its first fair in 1969 and this year marks the 42nd Korean Electronics Show. Korean Electronics Show 2011 will be held on October 12-15, 2011. The venue is in KINTEX, Gyeonggi-do, Korea. Visiting hours will be from 10:00 am till 5:00 pm.

Korea Electronics Show (KES) 2011More than 1,000 companies representing 30 countries will showcase their electronics in the KES 2011. There will be 800 exhibits including 200 of which will come from other countries. KES participants will display their mobile phones, semiconductors, digital hospitals, digital kits and Green IT. The future of technology will be presented in this event. Exhibition field will showcase Imaging and Solutions, ICT, Multimedia and Home Entertainment, Living Consumer Electronics, Car Electronics and Securities among others.

Korean Electronics Show has affiliations with Asia Pacific IT fairs that are annually held in Hong Kong, Japan, China and Japan. Buyers from Europe, North America, and Middle East are expected to arrive. For more details, they can be easily reached through their website at http://www.kes.org

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Korea Electronics Show (KES) 2011