Music Emissions: up for possible deletion at Wiki

Music Emissions ( is being considered for possible deletion at Wikipedia. It is a page dedicated to the musicians and various artists of the independent music industry.

I believe Music Emissions ( technically well-crafted and organized aside from the reliable and factual informations being shared in the page. After perusal of the Wikipage being set for deletion, I am of the opinion that this is unthinkable as well as beyond the bounds fairness and fair play. I see no reason nor rhyme why Music Emissions should be deleted. As per Wikipedia's grounds for deletion, I see no valid ground for the fact that there is no proven facts of any copyright infringement, vandalism, spam, unsuitability of content nor any breach of Wikipedia's policy.

On the issue of reliability and notability of Music Emissions, I am highly convinced that the page practices significant coverage of the topics at hand with a strong sense of reliability and professionalism. Most of all, Music emissions satisfy Wiki's requirements of being "Independent of the Subject". Taking into consideration all the facts and issues amidst the impending deletion of Music emissions, I am morally driven to strongly oppose its deletion especially since this could be one of the last great web frontiers for the musicians and artists of independent music.

reviewed by: Amazingly Cool Box