Green N Brown : The Planet's own store

While I was surfing the net today, this great online store caught my attention due to its AMAZINGLY COOL concept of being "the planet's own store". Isn't that great?

The Green N Brown website ( is an excellent concept of an online retailer brought to online reality and made very accessible to the consumers. It offers a very organized virtual business that awakens everyone's interest in doing his share in protecting our environment through featuring eco-friendly products.

Green N Brown provides visually appealing, organic and eco friendly products that allow you make better healthy options for yourself, your community and the environment. It believes that in order to maintain a better and sustainable future, our present non eco-friendly products have to give way to 'Green' and 'Brown' product options. Thus, the amazing idea of featuring alternative choices that are either green, being eco-friendly, or brown, meaning organic.

As I excitedly browsed over the site, I was amazed to find a wide selection of low eco impact and organic products as well as great deals and cool discounts to help shoppers save money while giving you the cool feeling that you are saving the planet. They have almost everything you need, from organic products, eco friendly gift ideas, fashion and apparel to indoor landscaping, and many more cool eco-friendly products.

The Green N Brown Company aims to provide the best information and enjoyable shopping experience to its eco shoppers by offering a wide range of eco-friendly products. It is highly committed to becoming one of the world's most trusted brand of environmentally safe and responsible products for a healthy lifestyle by practicing as well as practicing ethical product sourcing, environmental stewardship and community involvement. Thus, achieving its mission: "To create greener everyday life for the many people"

reviewed by: Amazingly Cool Box